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hype is about. 



This shop develops, engineers, tests, and installs their own custom parts! They are saving Viper history... And they work on Ferrari, Lamborghini, and a lot more! Truly knowledgeable owner who works harder than anyone else I've met in the industry...

PHIL H. FEB 2024

What my ACR needed was beyond even my capabilities. . .so I had to rely on a professional and Marquis and his team are not only 100% professionals, but I would go a step further and call them artists, or master Craftsmen in high performance automotive. Thank you Marquis..."


The team over at Wolf Lab is absolutely top notch. I trusted Marquis to transform my Gen 5 Viper and install a stage three 9.0 liter stroker, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

From my initial inquiry, I received consistent communication from either Marquis or a member of his team...Turnaround time was absolutely mind-boggling. My car was finished so quickly that HE was waiting on ME to find time in my schedule to come pick my car up.

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